Business Coaching/Consulting

Are you a Business leader/ Owner or on a Business leadership team and perhaps have goals but feel like you are stuck and need to get unstuck, remove the obstacles and reach for that goal ?

You are in the right place, because at Zoe Recruitment, we are about bringing peace of mind by facilitating a transformation process to enable you get unstuck and move towards your goal. 

However, there is 1 condition; you have to commit to doing the work! What it takes. Are you in this category of people? Excited about the future? We are more than happy to take you on this journey of exploration and implementation of what works for you. Lets Talk!

Executive Coaching for Mid-Level executives

What would life look like for you if you had peace of mind and freedom because you seem to have your ducks in a row? You are productive, have time for extra-curricular, unstressed.

We help create transformation that supports mid-level executives achieve this through “The springboard group coaching program”. We have testimonies. It works!  Give us a shout, we would like to be of help in getting back your freedom.